Monday, February 6, 2012

Where can I buy cheap manga online?

I'm tired of paying 10 dollars for mangas at Barns %26amp; Nobles, Borders, ect. So I want to buy them online, but does anyone now where I can get them for a reasonable price? I know you can read manga online as well but that can be a pain at times so just leave the name of the website or a link, and please don't give me a link to a con website. Thanks.Where can I buy cheap manga online?
RightStuf usually sells for below MSRP. JustManga does as well, and usually offers complete series sets for a discount. Akadot Retail seems to be kinda affiliated with DMP, so they've got a lot of their books, but I've seen some other publishers represented there too. Amazon, sometimes I see stuff discounted, sometimes not.

Also, BookCloseouts used to have a massive selection of bargain books from Tokyopop, Yen Press, and Ice Kunion, but most of the YP books have mysteriously disappeared since the last time I bought from them. TP and Ice can still be found on the site.Where can I buy cheap manga online?
Amazon is your best bet. They have all sorts of stuff at reasonable prices. If I were you I would just keep paying $10 unless your addicted and buy one everyday.

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