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Should I get a Nook or Kindle?

I'm not sure whether or not I should get a Kindle or Nook. I buy all of my books from Barns and Noble but a lot of people have Kindles and say they love it. What are the pros and cons for both of them?Should I get a Nook or Kindle?
Hi, Katie, Kindle Touch or Nook Simpletouch are e-Ink devices for reading and not video/web/apps while Kindle Fire or Nook Color are LCD screen devices for video/web/apps but not too much for reading. The only E-ink models I would take into consideration are Nook Simpletouch from Barnes %26amp; Noble and the new Kindle Touch (non-ad-supported) that both cost $139. Ad-supported Kindle models show full page ads to you (and everyone around you) every time they go to sleep mode and also show 2 line ads right there at your home screen - so annoying that Amazon even released a software that for $30 can convert ad-supported Kindle into non-ad-supported one. Non-touch screen Kindle models are such basic stone age devices (with page turn lag, buttons, and black blinks/flashes on each page turn) that I would not even speak about them. Nook (unlike Kindle) supports eBooks in ePub format that is the universal format most used in the world. Current e-Ink Nook Simpletouch has the latest generation touch screen display, no page turn lag, it weights less, its battery lasts twice as long (two months on one charge), it has microSD slot and it doesn't blink on each page turn - much better than current Kindle 3 or Kindle Keyboard. Nook Touch is still better designed than even the new Kindle Touch with battery lasting two months with ONE hour reading a day with Wi-Fi off thus it's still twice as long as new Kindle's two months with HALF and hour a day with Wi-Fi off. It looks like Kindle didn't get any battery improvement in the new model, they only changed the test condition. More, Kindle Touch still flashes black on each page turn while Nook Touch reduces the flashing by 80%. Nook Touch and Nook Color (unlike Kindle) have microSD card slot to take a card (class 6 or above) up to 32 GB. If you walk in with the Nook to Barnes %26amp; Noble store, you’re allowed to read ANY available eBook for free while in the store via free provided in the store Wi-Fi.

Before you think of getting a Kindle Fire, here's some limitations of it that you need to consider:

- Kindle Fire doesn't have microSD slot that, for example, Nook Color has thus it is stuck with 6 GB usable internal storage unlike Nook Color that can get up to 32 GB card in. Kindles are made to make sure you're tied up to Amazon's storage on the web (for which you need Wi-Fi connection to get to) and you can only store content you get from Amazon there, not other files. Quoting Amazon on Kindle Fire: "Free cloud storage for all Amazon content".

- The stats of how long the battery can last (Kindle Fire theory is 7.5 hours) are taken with Wi-Fi off. It will last only about 3 hours if you use it to access/stream content from their Cloud storage over Wi-Fi.

- Amazon can spy on your web activity through their new cloud-integrated web browser of Kindle Fire.

- lack of microSD slot means that if you decide to root your Kindle Fire, you’ll have to root the actual device thus there will be no coming back. On Nook Color, you can make it boot from a “rooted” microSD card and if you want to get back to the original Nook you can just take out the card and reboot.

- Kindle doesn't support eBooks in ePub format that is the most used format in the world.

- Kindle app store contains only Amazon approved apps and it does not include (and will not include) Netflix app that iPad has and Nook Color is getting thus again you're stuck with Amazon content only.

- Amazon confirmed that you cannot download/stream anything to Kindle Fire when traveling outside US.

- Amazon says it will review every app in its Appstore for Fire compatibility, as part of an automated process. Rejected apps will include those that rely on a gyroscope, camera, WAN module, Bluetooth, microphone, GPS, or micro SD. Apps are also forbidden from using Google's Mobile Services (and in-app billing), which, if included, will have to be "gracefully" removed. In terms of actual content, Amazon has outlawed all apps that change the tablet's UI in any way (including theme- or wallpaper-based tools), as well as any that demand root access.

According to recently appeared leaks on the Internet, Nook Color 2 will be released by Barnes %26amp; Noble on November 7, and this device sure leaves Kindle Fire in the dust.

Leaked specs include:

- dial-core 1.2 Ghz processor vs. 1.0 Ghz of Kindle Fire

- 1.0 GB of RAM vs. 512 MB of Kindle Fire

- 16 GB capacity for apps, videos, photos, ebooks vs. 8 GB of Kindle Fire

- microSD slot to expand capacity even further by another 32 GB vs. no expandable capacity of Kindle Fire

- 1024 x 800 IPS HD display vs. 1024 x 600 of Kindle Fire

- 14.1 oz weight vs. 14.6 oz of Kindle Fire

- Netflix and Hulu Plus for millions of movies streaming built-in vs. 13,000 movies in Amazon store that allows no Netflix and Hulu
You should definitely get the nook for many reasons. First of all, the nook is powered by a lighted LED screen. So if you look at it for long periods of time, just like the iPad or computer you will get headaches, and sooner or later it will start becoming bad for your eyes. Also, The kindle has an advanced screening technology that will help improve your eyesight, rather than slowly take it away. My cousin has the kindle and my friend the nook, and the kindle was definitely more impressive. And if money isn't a factor, definitely get the new Kindle Fire 3G?. Good luck!!Should I get a Nook or Kindle?
Nooks and Kindles are close enough that you can't go wrong with either. If you prefer shopping at B%26amp;N, go for Nook.

What you should definitely be careful deciding, though, is whether to go with a color, LCD display or a black-and-white E Ink display. LCD displays are ok for reading and great for web browsing, apps, games, and movies. E Ink displays are great for reading and poor at the other, non-reading applications.

Assuming you're most interested in long-run reading (and therefore want an E Ink ereader), here are the differences between Kindle and Nook besides where books are bought:

Kindle advantages: lower-cost/3G/keyboard models available, Text-To-Speech, MP3 support, landscape mode, international book buying.

Nook Touch advantages: less page-turn flashing, EPUB support, SD memory expansion port.Should I get a Nook or Kindle?
they are both good
if you are often at B%26amp;N the Nook lets you read books free an hour a day in B%26amp;N store

I tried the original nook first and like the kindle 3 more because the Nook 3G totally sucked because the only thing you could do is go to Nook store and kindle 3 can go to twitter.

if money is no object than the iPad and you can get apps for kindle and nook but you can buy the kindle fire and the nook color for about the same price as the ipad

You might also want to read some tech blog articles about which is better. I might wait to see if the Nook Color 2 comes out soon
I like my Kindle 3 but have about $200 of gift cards form credit card points waiting for the Nook Color 2 to come out. I am more of a tech fan than a reader.
Which you choose should be determined by the features you will use.
Be advantage of kindle is the kindle store is the first place ebooks are sold, I am guessing that since you are in B%26amp;N often Nook is best choice for you.
If you read best sellers the nook and kindle prices are the same and sometimes more for the book. If you like indie authors or want to read all the free books form Project Gutenberg then a ebook reader is very useful
Kindle vs Nook Color Review – the Kindle is dedicated to reading

The most crucial thing about the Kindle is that it’s completely dedicated to reading – If you want to read more or if you read a lot already and want a device that’s completely dedicated to reading then Kindle is the right choice.

-%26gt;Here are a few key things about the Kindle -

Everything revolves around reading. The eInk screen is perfect for reading. The free 3G Internet access and Wikipedia access is more tailored to reference than to browsing. All the add-on features are add-ons to reading.

-%26gt;Amazon focuses on providing an excellent eBook Store which you can access over 3G. It provides reading related features like syncing your place in a book across Kindles and Kindle apps. There are Kindle Reading Apps for other platforms so you can read even when your Kindle is not with you.

-%26gt;Amazon has stuck with eInk and stayed dedicated to reading.

If you like to read or would like to read more Kindle is a good choice. If you love to read it’s a great choice.

Here are some more important points you should look up on:
Get the new Nook. It has twice the disk space of Kindle Fire + an expansion slot. Kindle Fire is a great tablet, but its small memory is a concern.
You should get the Nook, the Kindle is WAY overrated.

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