Friday, February 10, 2012

Are male cross-dressers allowed to use the women's bathroom?

I was at Barns And Noble, and there were 4 or 5 guys -poorly- dressed as women. They were using the women's bathroom, and they weren't even sitting. It's not like they have to stand up!

The reason this made me mad, is that mos cross-dressers are straight, and it's weird for me to be in the bathroom, when an old guy is in the stall next to me!Are male cross-dressers allowed to use the women's bathroom?
I dont think they should be allowed in the restroom, It is a WOMENS restroom, meaning no men.

Now if they were actually mtf transsexuals that would be a different story but if they were just crossdressers then they should go to the mens room.
Contrary to all the other posts, in most places it IS illegal for someone who is legally male to be in a female restroom and for a legally female to use a male restroom.

It depends on the city, state, and county, however. Some cities, such as Tucson, Arizona have a non discrimination clause in which they allow people to use the restroom of their identified gender.

The main reason this is a problem is because pre-op transsexuals aren't legally allowed to use the restroom of their identified gender in most places.Are male cross-dressers allowed to use the women's bathroom?
Last time I checked it is actually illegal (in Illinois USA) for a man to dress up so that he appears to be dressed as a woman in public. A man might not fear getting arrested for it on Halloween, but otherwise he had better be discreet about it. Since it is illegal for a man to dress up like a woman he naturally would not be allowed to use a women's public washroom dressed up that way or not. There are always going to be men who dress up as women whether it is legal or not, of course. Some heterosexual men like to do this, for instance on a Saturday night. They enjoy dressing up as women and socializing at bars, usually with acquaintances who know them. They are not interested in gay activity. It is supposedly just fun and relaxing for them to dress up. The sensible men who dress up as the opposite sex try very hard to look convincing and avoid bothering other people -- like using a women's public washroom -- or a public men's washroom for that matter. The discreet cross-dressing men are rarely ever arrested and after they are done socializing dressed up as a woman they just return home, and change back into their regular briefs, jeans, men's shirt, socks and shoes. Oh, and they always remember to clean off the lipstick, makeup, and remove any fake eyelashes.Are male cross-dressers allowed to use the women's bathroom?
Hi.. As a long time married cross dresser with a very supportive,accepting, understanding, knowledgeable and helpful wife, who has taught me all the traits of emulating women to the nines from presentation, walking, standing, sitting, mannerisms, make up, hair, nails, etc, and having a very extensive wardrobe, including 42 pair of HIGH HEELS (and I do mean HIGH), my rule of thumb is never to go out dressed as a "slob".. If you can't dress properly as a c/d - t/v - then don't go out...

The people who do that only give us additional "bad" names

Plus the fact of them not even having the proper manner to sit whilst peeing, shows that they don't even deserve to walk around out in public...

So that just goes to show you, all they are trying to do is draw atention to themselves and maie a scene.. They are a totsl disgrace..!!!

Store management should have beren mader aware of thiese "insects"..

When I go "public", it is always common decency to ask if it's pokay to use the women's facilities as versus the male "domaine"..

Rachelle In High Heels
OMG?? That is so wrong!! Your 14 for gods shouldn't have to put up with that bullsh*t no matter where you live....seriously....

that's friggin gross! I would have had a field day with that old F***er....cuz I am real sweet like that.

\Oh dear lord have mercy on all the Rachelles in the world and thank god your not one of em" Good day!
Unfortunately it's not illegal. It should be though.

If they have male genital then they should use the men's room.

End of story.
At some sporting events I have seen women in long bathroom lines running over to use the mens bathroom. So I guess if it's alright for one, then why not the other?
Get used to it, as it is not technically illegal.

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