Thursday, February 9, 2012

Where would you find the twilight series? besides internet?

I wanted to know where the best book store was to finding the series. Like Barns and nobles?Where would you find the twilight series? besides internet?



Barnes and Nobles

although they aren't book stores they also carry the books


Waterstones ...


Borders Where would you find the twilight series? besides internet?
Any Barnes %26amp; Noble or Borders will have it.Where would you find the twilight series? besides internet?


Barnes and Noble

Like any book store

And if this wasn't a "Where can I buy it?" question, I'd probably say here.
Amazon. I know it's not a bookstore, but you don't pay tax and have free shipping and handling.
Even though I'm not a big fan of the book I know you can find it at Barnes and Nobles. You can also, get it Walgreens. I saw it there. The easiest place to get it would be at Borders because at my store they had a whole display of them. Including the Collector's Edition. If you decide to get it off the internet, you should get it at amazon. Cheap prices there all the time.

Barnes and Nobles



Any Local Bookstore



woolworths--but thats gone yeah

but i got mine for 拢3.99 a book on

Barnes and Nobles or Borders.

Your best bet would be Borders, Barnes %26amp; Nobles, Walmart, any places that sell books.

Hope i helped :-D

Barnes and Nobles


any local bookstore would have it, unless, you know, they're very old fashioned.

But I bought mine cheaper from Target, Sams, and Wal-Mart. It's the same book, just you get it cheaper than you would if you bought it from Borders. Compare.

Price of Breaking Dawn(Hardcover) at Borders-$22.99

Price of Breaking Dawn(Hardcover) at Sam*s Club-$12.99

you can use the 10 dollars saved to buy Twilight at Wal-mart or Sams or Target, or to buy cute handgloves at Hot Topic, or anything else oyu want.

Price of Twilight at Borders-$10.99

Price of Twilight at Wal-Mart-$7.09

You can use those $3 saved to buy a cute wristband on sale at Hot Topic, or something else.

Want to borrow them for free? Just be patient and put your hold on in the library.
Borders. They are too awesome.. a cafe AND a bookstore? It's like Heaven!
Barnes and Nobles



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