Thursday, February 9, 2012

I just found out i am pregnant, what books should i buy?

I am buying them from Barns and Nobles. I so far have in my cart: what to expect when your expecting, what to expect:eating well when your expecting and The american academy of pediatrics mothers guide to breast feeding. I just don't know if i need anymore. Thank you for all your helpI just found out i am pregnant, what books should i buy?
I strongly advise NOT to get what to expect when you`re expecting! It is an absolute horrible and i do mean horrible book. doctors will even agree with me on that. All it does is tell you what you can`t do, and most of the things aren`t true and it scares you to death of miscarriage throughout the whole thing! I reccoment pregnancy week by week the 6th edition. It is an awesome read and the chapters are going by each week of your pregnancy. It shows you how big your baby should be and how everything should be going. It even goes overdue if you need to. It tells about labor etc. It`s great. Hope this helps.
Two that I love is "the complete illustrated pregnancy companion" it is fully illustrated and has a chapter for every week. That way you get to look forward to reading something more often.

Also "belly laughs" by Jenny McCarthy. This book tells all the emarassing things about pregnancy that books don't always say. It's a MUST buy and the chapters are short! I HIGHLY recomend this one!

Good luck and congrats!I just found out i am pregnant, what books should i buy?
I found the most helpful a great book called "The everything to know about Pregnancy book"

Congrats and good luck :)

Oh another Great book that my mom bought me, "A child is born" Its got a bunch of great full color pages or your baby growning in different stages. Its an amazing book i storgly advise it, Great for yourself and Dad to understand whats going on inside!I just found out i am pregnant, what books should i buy?
If you can find it, The girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy by Vicki (something, I forget, sorry!).

That book made me laugh so much!! It really was the most helpful book out of all of the other ones I got!! Also, Dr. Sears Baby Book is awesome!
Your pregnancy week by week. Its has like 15 pages of each week of your pregnancy, If your like me and like to know whats new every week its great.

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