Friday, February 10, 2012

How do i find a girlfriend when every girl that I like end up having boyfriends?

I am not a home wrecker. Is there another way to find a girl who's not taken? Pick up chicks at the bar? I think that's lame. Chicks at Barns %26amp; Noble or library? Most of them are busy studying and dont wanne be bothered. Pick up chicks at work? If we broke up, she'll get me fired for sexual harrassment. Anyway, girls i met and fall for always end up taken. It's a lot harder for find a girlfriend now a days since girls dont trust a lot of guys thinkin all guys are dogs and all they want is sex where I only want a true serious relationship. Harder for me since I dont hang out with a bunch of girls (maybe cus im not gay) or have a lot of female friends.How do i find a girlfriend when every girl that I like end up having boyfriends?
idk how

but you know, hanging out with girls is a good way to find one

they have connections

it doesnt make you gay
justt take a break from tryin 2 find a girlfriend. n also havin a few female friends is rele gud cuz they'll help show u what u r doin wronggHow do i find a girlfriend when every girl that I like end up having boyfriends?
If you like a girl, maybe you should get to them first, go for girls who don't have a boyfriend. you know what i'm sayin??How do i find a girlfriend when every girl that I like end up having boyfriends?
dude im in the same boat like exactly the same problem
You need to learn body language, from women who are putting out the vibes they are available.

If you meet someone a few questions will tell you that she is available, if not, this is the time to walk away.

You may need to do some deep thinking on why you are attracted to attached women.
My opinion: Keep your options open. Dating means people may be here today but gone tomorrow. So maintain friendships whoever they are, and wait and see what happens as you pursue new opportunities.
looking in the wrong places...
You should ask if any of your guy friends have any single girl friends that you could go out with. If you pick up a girl from the bar than she is just wanting some. Or you go with the last resort option of calling up an ex girl you went out with. Good Luck!
aww u sound like a really nice and sincere guy. there are nice girls available. if im on the market then im sure that there are others so dont lose heart. shes out there and shes waiting 4 u to find her.
A boyfriend is not a husband. It's not home wrecking! You're just making excuses because you're afraid of entering a committed relationship. By going after women who are already taken you have a convenient excuse for failure. Do you realize how many gorgeous single women are out there?! Stop bull shitting and stop rationalizing.

Demonstrate through your actions, your charisma, confidence that you're the better boyfriend. Women want to know that their man can be there for them. So don't be a wuss.

It takes a simple conversation, a little body language and an attitude that shows you're anything but needy. Are you up to it or are you just going to keep making excuses to be forever lonely?

Good Luck,

Brian Norris
maybe ur trying to hard to find someone. take ur time and dont rush. what about ur friends.. do they have friends u can meet.?
You sound like the perfect candidate for clutching a twenty dollar bill on the busiest corner of your local 'red zone'! lol
You'll probably find my opinion corny so whatever! Honestly I find that guys who are so desprate are really unatractive mainly because they will do anything to have a girlfriend. Basically if all your doing is thinking about how miserble your life is because all the girls your "in to" are taken thats just a waste. You have to be able to deal with being single for a while and if your meant to be with someone she'll find you one way or another
woah. your one of the only true guys left. ok hun , well if you see a girl thats look good or attractive that you think youd like,, try to strike up a conversation with her. like at a grocery store or something. not at bars, girls change their names at bars. not cool. well hun all i can say is when you see the girl jsut try to talk to her, dont shy away. your love will come. soon enough and youll be so thankful for it. good luck hun, hope this helps?
here's my suggestion, you should go on dates with girls more. I mean pick out a girl that you may not pick to start off with and ask her for supper. I think you fall for the girls who are taken because you either see how they are around their guys and you want that, or you got real bad luck in picking girls. Either way, i found the best way to get into a serious relationship was to not search for just one person but shop around. You will find out right away if you found the right one, and sometimes its not the girl you would have normally picked first! Try going for the girls who aren't your normal type (i don't mean go for a goth chick if your indie, i mean just ask that sweet girl reading her book at starbucks). give it a try, it wont hurt anything and you could find the one for you!
Something that I discovered is that as soon as you stop looking, opportunities present themselves. In looking for a long term relationship, you very likely will want a woman that wants you. So, stop hunting, and be hunted. The ones that seek you out are the ones you're looking for.

Now, that's not to say that you shouldn't be out meeting people, of course you should - that's how you market yourself. But, don't be so aggressive in your pursuit. The ones that find you attractive and want to know you better will give you the signal. Just be watching for it.

Good luck in your quest, friend!
Try the internet. I met my wife on Yahoo Messenger while I was stationed in Japan. Gives you time to get to know someone before you meet them.

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