Thursday, February 9, 2012

Where do I find a book on Algorithms?

I couldn't find it at Barns%26amp;NobleWhere do I find a book on Algorithms?
If you are looking for classic computer algorithms, try "Numerical Recipes". It's a classic text. Other than that, there are great books out on biological algorithms too.

Incidently, Barnes %26amp; Noble doesn't usually have a full selection of decent technical books at their store. Books like these, you need to search on the Barnes and Noble website. They can order anything you like but you need to search online for it.
From libraryWhere do I find a book on Algorithms?
What are you looking for? There are different algorithms for every computer controlled application.

See: do I find a book on Algorithms?
You could try the library, or Good Luck
There are hundreds out there.

What level are you looking for?

And if you are particularly interested in programming, you will want to specify the langauge as well.
Books on Algorithms

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