Thursday, February 9, 2012

Which bookstore do you like better?

We have a choice of a few bookstores here, but I never know which is the best to go to for selection and price... So tell me what you think. We have Barns and Noble, Books A Million, and Borders.Which bookstore do you like better?
My Books a Million recently closed down. (or relocated, i actually was out of town when it happened :P)

BAM has some good books though, and if you ask me, they are fairly priced. they aren't ridiculous, but they are no bargain, either.

im a member at borders. i have a rewards card. i get 30-40% off all the books i buy (which saves me like, $7 per hardcover, $2 paperback!) borders prices their books fairly, as well, not to mention the discounts. plus, some have that awesome cafe! :D

i also get email updates on special offers, coupons, or additions to the borders store.

i always find what i need in borders, whereas not always in other places.

borders also recently added a borders perks card. you could, depending on how often you purchase books, get discounts on things like cell phones, ipods, books, and even get some free stuff.

i never really shop at B%26amp;N, sorry.

hope i helped you!

edit: i just wanted to metion to you, becoming a borders rewards member is absolutly free. you just give them you email and you're set for a future of savings and exclusive offers.
Barnes and Noble.Which bookstore do you like better?
well i really like amazon, its an on-line store does that count? But the books are cheap and you can buy them new or used at really good pricesWhich bookstore do you like better?
Barnes and Noble. They're always much more thorough than Borders.
I love Barnes and Noble. I can go to Joe's Coffee Shop inside the store and shop and look around for a book all at the same time or I can find a book or magazine and then go to Joe's and read whatever I purchased at Barnes and Noble.
I usually buy mine at because they offer a discount on most books.
Barnes and Nobles

or Bay Books

but Borders is good too they do more events then B%26amp;N
B %26amp; N by a long shot.
Borders is great
Borders is the best. They have a larger range of books available. I'm nearly always able to find what I'm looking for in a Borders, whereas other bookstores I'm nearly guaranteed to not find what I'm looking for.
Barnes and Noble and Borders are tied for me. I mainly go to my local bookstore though ( Waldenbooks, which is connected to the Borders franchise, but its smaller), because the nearest B%26amp;N and Borders are about in hour away and in the city. I've never heard of Books a Million.
I love the Barnes and Noble by my house. They always have what I'm looking for and it's just this amazing wonderland of books.
I would have to say Borders.
I absolutely love Barnes and Noble. It really depends on the location, though. I have a Border's card and I get a lot of discounts and special offers, but I'd do the same for B%26amp;N if I didn't have to pay for the card. And Barnes and Noble has better parties.

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