Thursday, February 9, 2012

What are some good fantisy books?

I am 13 and i am going to barns and noble today. I can never find any good books without searching for hours. I enjoy long fantisy books. I have allready read the cronicles of narnia, eragon, the lord of the rings, and the dragonriders of pern. any good other onesWhat are some good fantisy books?
You might enjoy "His Dark Materials" by Phillip Pullman. The series consists of three books - "The Golden Compass," "The Subtle Knife," and "The Amber Spyglass." This is probably one of the best series that I've ever read, and they fit into the same overall category of the other books you've mentioned. Some people dislike this series for religious reasons, however, because of some of the topics and themes of the series, especially the last book, so you may want to read up on the controversy surrounding them somewhat beforehand if you think you may find anything about the series offensive.

"Percy Jackson and the Olympians" is another series I highly recommend. I haven't seen the movie, but I've heard that it didn't stay that true to the books; if you've seen the movie already and aren't planning on reading the books, they're actually very interesting and you might enjoy them. The books aren't as long as the series you've mentioned, but they contain similar plot elements and are based on Greek mythology.

That's actually about all I can think of at the moment that would be similar to the books you've mentioned above, other than "Harry Potter," which you're probably at least somewhat familiar with. If you haven't read them, however, they're actually very well-written and I would highly recommend them as well.
i think you should pay extra attention in english class, sweetie you can not spell.What are some good fantisy books?
Check out Pendragon by DJ MacHale, Percy Jackson, The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley, Harry Potter, and Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke.

Hope this helps.What are some good fantisy books?
I am also 13 and am a HUGE fan of fantasy!

A few of my favorite books are:

**The Hunger Games series

**Percy Jackson and the Olympians series

Princess Academy (it sounds childish but it is really good!)

**The Harry Potter series

Ella Enchanted

**The City of Ember series

**Life as we Knew It (not really fantasy, but I think you will like it)

Inkheart series (I am not a huge fan, but many people are)


Also, check out this website for a list of great fantasy books by category:

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