Friday, February 10, 2012

Where can i work at the age of 15?

where i live there are no theme parks. and i dont want to work from home i rather be out :) any ideas? (barns and noble?,borders?walgreens? starbucks?tropical smoothie?) please help :) i rather nopt work at a fast food resturaunt maybe the mall ect. thanks!Where can i work at the age of 15?
At your age you simply do whatever you find. Did you even walk into all those places you have mentioned? If you had, you would know that at 15 you have a problem.Where can i work at the age of 15?
at 15 you don't have many options...

unless you work under the table, or babysit or something....

honestly the only legit job i know you can get @ 15 is cleaning at mcdonalds

i got my first job when i was 15....but i turned 16 the next week- and they didn't let me start until i turned 16 anyway

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