Thursday, February 9, 2012

Would you rather buy books or borrow them from a library?

would you/do you buy books or borrow books from the library? whyy?

do you buy your books at barns and nobles or borders?

do you buy your books on

~ for me i usually borrow books, but im starting to want to buy them, cause the libraries never have what im looking for.. and i usually go to barns and noble; and i want to buy books on :)Would you rather buy books or borrow them from a library?
It depends on the book. If it's a book that I happen to really like then I would buy it from either Barnes and Noble or Hastings. If it's just a book that intrigues me and I wish to find out what happens I'd borrow the book and if I so happen to like it and want to read it again sometime, then buy it!

I go to the library for new books that if I were to buy would be too expensive for a college student to afford. This allows me to pick up interesting and random books because I don't have to invest money into them so if I hate them it's OK.

I buy books that I need for school (novels etc) and I also like buying The Classics in hardcover from Half Price. Amazon is also a great place to buy new books because their prices are usually better than Barnes and Noble and they offer free 2 day shipping for students. Exercise books, self help books, cooking books are better bought as well since one needs more than a week to gain knowledge from them.

And I do agree sometimes the library doesn't have a specific book, in that case if I really want it I'll buy it.Would you rather buy books or borrow them from a library?
I buy books. I love being able to go back time and again but also I can take as much time as I want to read them. It's also a visual reminder of what I have and haven't read yet. Every time a teacher brings up a book in class that we have to read I go and buy it so I have my own forever. As for where, I'm Canadian and therefore have Chapters instead of Barnes and Noble or Borders. I tend to shop there but they have been known to not carry my book that I'm looking for so I also go to privately run and small chains, it gives a better selection of little known and local writers. Which is nice. I love second hand shops, they otter have a lot of diamond in the rough kind of books or out of print stuff and usually for cheap. I've found some really beautiful old copies of books in the past. I never shop on line unless I absolutely cannot get my hands on the book anywhere else. All in all my collection is getting crazy and I'm very proud of it. It will be hell when I move out though.Would you rather buy books or borrow them from a library?
I used to buy until this summer when I started checking them out from the library. It was getting too costly. The downside for me is that a few books (very few) have a looong wait list. It's taken me about two months to finally get Fallen, which I'll start reading soon.

If I buy them, it's usually through, but my most recent books have been bought at Borders. Usually Border's doesn't have what I want or charges retail, so I buy from amazon, which is cheaper.

Most of the books I've bought will be donated to my local library anyway.
I use the library unless it's a book that I've read and I know I'll read it over and over again. Otherwise its just a waste of money.

If they don't have what I want I can request it and they will send it to my local library for pickup. If they don't have the item in their system, I just pick up another book that looks interesting.

If you want to buy a book, but want it cheap, try because their used books are at great prices.
I love buying books only because I love having them around me, all the time. I like having them in my room all stacked up where I can see them and grab them when I need them. I don't mind borrowing library books either, when I want to read them first, then I choose if I want to buy them. But yes, I like having my own personal library.
i usually buy books rather than borrow them from the library. mainly because i can never find what i like at the library. but i also love being able to flaunt my collection of books! :) also when a book is really good, i love to re-read stuff, which buying them makes it a lot easier.

i buy a lot of my books online at or because the online prices are a lot cheaper than the store prices! and they have stuff online that you can't get in stores. :)
It depends on the type of book, but I buy books most of the time now. I usually buy non-fiction books and reference/self-help/motivation books so I like to buy them and have them as part of my library or collection of books.
I usully buy the books if im really interesting and cause i could read it over %26amp;%26amp; over but somethimes i check books out of the library too i buy books everywhere where there is books
i buy from borders.... and i buy because the books are in good condition and there yours and there always there at your finger tips if you wont to read them again
Try these, too:

The first is comprehensive and the second is fast. I use both.
for me, if I really like the book(s) I'm reading, I would probably buy it off some store as my collection.
i usually buy my books because for me i find it fun to build up my library.

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