Monday, February 6, 2012

WWI and WWII books I should look for?

Im going to Barns and Noble later to look for some books.

I really like to read about WWI and WWII.

Any good books I should look for?


I've read these in the past:

The Journal of Scott Pendleton Collins. WWII Soldier

Pictures, 1918

The Shadows of the Sea.WWI and WWII books I should look for?
Look for anything by author Stephen Ambrose for WWII non-fiction that is always a good read, particularly Band of Brothers but almost anything he wrote was good.

I don't know any non-fiction about WWI but I can recommend a good fiction series by Anne Perry set during WWI in Britain and France. She really worked hard to present the war as it affected the people involved.WWI and WWII books I should look for?
wwwII - try All quiet on the western front because it shows war from the side of the "enemy" - the German

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