Friday, February 10, 2012

Is this a good Christmas present?

My friend loves to read so I was thinking about getting her a $25 Borders gift card.I asked what her parents would like and she said her dad would like a gift card to Barns and Noble and her mom would like a Walmart gift card.Is that a good present?

I was thinking about putting $25 on each gift card put I'm afraid they will think I'm cheap.Is this a good Christmas present?
If that's what she said, yeah, I think those presents are just fine. [: I also don't think they'll think you're cheap. You were kind enough to get them a present, so I think they'll appreciate it!
I agree with you giving your friend a present and I think that present will be perfect for her! She won't think you're cheap at all!

I don't think you should get her parents gifts, however. Since she is just your friend, it isn't really appropriate. Even my brother doesn't give his GIRLFRIEND'S parents any gifts. Just his girlfriend. So, as for her parents, I don't believe you should give her parents any gifts. I mean, really, she is just a friend, so she doesn't expect you to get her parents anything. I personly thing it's a terribly bad idea.Is this a good Christmas present?
Your spending a $75 on 3 people, that's generous since there not even family. Anyway I would love for someone to spend that much money on me no matter what the gift and I am sure they will appreciate it, after all it is about giving and no getting. You can give me burnt toast for Christmas and i wouldn't care about you any less but maybe more.

Merry Christmas!!!Is this a good Christmas present?
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Think you're cheap? Thats ridiculous! Thats $75 on THEIR family. That's super thoughtful! But maybe change the walmart gift card to a target gift card. When I think Walmart I think cheap crap.
How could giving people exactly what they want be anything but good? And allowing them to pick their own books - it's priceless! But because books are so expensive, if you can go up to $30 each, I would.
why not just give them the money in a card........sure it seems like theirs little thought but it's better than giving them $25 for a shop theres a chance they wont use.
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