Monday, February 6, 2012

What are some really cool, kickass books to read?

im going to a bookstore tomorrow. ..

probably Barns%26amp;Noble or Borders,;

i dont really know yet anyways, i want to get some books i'll enjoy reading.

can you just like give me a list of books (or authors) that you would recomend?

it could be whichever catagory,





thanksss :DWhat are some really cool, kickass books to read?
-Sarah Dessen

She is great, She's my favorite author. She writes about like angsty teens. (eg girls in abusive relation ships, drugs) but she is good and they all have some sort of love. I recommend Just listen and Dreamland.

-Jane Austen

Shes classic. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite.

-Nickolas Sparks

Fantastic. I recommend A Walk to Remember.

Those are my favorites.
Meg Cabot is a great author for teen girls, i really don't know how old you are, so i really don't know if that is relevant.What are some really cool, kickass books to read?
I really like Inkheart, inkspell, and inkdeath by: Cornelia Funke.

I also like...

The Twilight Series by: Stephenie Meyer

The Alex Rider series by: Anthony Horowitz

The Maximum Ride series by: James Patterson

I think it is called the Darkest Powers series by: Kelley Armstrong

That is just a couple of my favorites there is way more then that. I hope I helped.What are some really cool, kickass books to read?
ooo get the mortal instruments series by cassandra clare. It's one of my favorite series!
The Heralds of Valdemar by Mercedes Lackey

It's a series of 27 books, but they're all good and worth reading. I'd start with Arrows of the Queen, Arrow's Flight, and Arrow's Fall, and then read the rest in whatever order you want. Those were the first ones she wrote, and it pretty much lays out the whole universe. They are fantastic, best books in the world.
I recommend the following series.


Cecily von Ziegasar


*Gossip Girl series (in order)

Gossip Girl

You Know You Love Me

All I Want is Everything

Because I'm Worth It

I Like It Like That

You're the One I Want

Nobody Does It Better

Nothing Can Keep Us Together

Only In Your Dreams

Would I Lie to You

Don't You Forget About Me

*It Girl series (in order)

The It Girl









Plus Meg Cabot is a great author, also.

Happy Book Hunting! =D

NOTE: TYPO: Ziegesar, not Ziegasar. And only read the gossip girl series and it girl series if you are mature and 15 or over.
If you want kickass you should try Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder. It is awesome! It's got a little bit of everything: fantasy, little bit of love, developed characters who know what they want, and a heroine that is magnificent. You would not regret the money spent.

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