Friday, February 10, 2012

Where can i find "retailer information" on YaoiPress? i can't find it so i know that Borders or Barns and Nobles have them or not.Where can i find "retailer information" on YaoiPress?
All North American and International Booksellers can order our titles through Diamond Book Distributors. Please contact Stuart Carter at Diamond's Timonium Maryland office: (1) 410-560-7100, (1) 410-560-7589 fax.

Book stores can also purchase Yaoi Press titles through Ingram and Baker and Taylor.

Comic book stores should contact their Diamond representative to order books. All Yaoi Press graphic novels are available through the Previews catalog two months in advance.

Comic book stores can also purchase through Cold Cut Distribution.

Convention exhibitors can purchase Yaoi Press titles from AAAanime.

All vendors can obtain Yaoi Press titles from Right Stuf International.

Yaoi Press LLC has signed over the distribution rights of our books to our distribution partners. Please contact one of the above resellers to purchase Yaoi Press titles on a wholesale basis.

Books can always be purchased at retail prices through our store:

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