Thursday, February 9, 2012

Where can I buy The Wolf's Hour?

Where can I buy The Wolf's Hour by Robert Mccammon?

It's out of print so borders, barns and noble, and any other big bookstore doesn't have it. The only place you can buy is online or at a used book store.

Besides Amazon, Ebay, and Powells online. Any others you can think of?Where can I buy The Wolf's Hour?
For one dollar you can buy it at:

fmbooklady@yahoo.comWhere can I buy The Wolf's Hour?
Since you seem reluctant to buy online, why not use a search engine to search for a local listing? In your search engine put in the words shop local. You should get something like Open that address and you'll be asked for your zip code. After you've entered that you can enter the book title again and see if it comes up in any of the local merchant listings.Where can I buy The Wolf's Hour?
There is one used copy in stock at this website (free shipping):鈥?/a>

but Amazon lists 13 copies available for much less than the price at the site above.
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