Thursday, February 9, 2012

Do i need a nook to buy a nookbook?

i don't have a nook, ipad, or kindle, but i need to buy this book at barns and noble. and i need it immediately, i was hoping i could just buy it as a nookbook and just read it off my laptop, can i do that?Do i need a nook to buy a nookbook?
In short, I won't choose iPad or Nook Color, because they're using backlight screen like computer screen, and is difficult to our eyes. Just not suitable for reading purpose. For other ebook readers including the B%26amp;N Nook, Sony Reader, and Amazon Kindle, I'll go for the Kindle. For the Sony Reader, many books (especially new releases) cannot be easily find on it. For the Nook, it is good but it is slower and less user friendly compared to the new version of Kindle.

There is also quite a good comparison between the ebook readers here: i need a nook to buy a nookbook?
Yes, you can get Nook reader for WIndows, Mac, iOS, or Android鈥?/a>

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