Friday, February 10, 2012

Has anyone read The Poe Shadow?

or whatever it's called....

I saw it in barns and noble and got excited. read the inside slip cover that told a little about the book and the author, but I'd like to hear peoples comments and thoughts on the book. people that arn't paid to say they love it.

the other thing is:

it looks facinating and I love poe more than any other author, but is this book really worth paying 25 dollars for?Has anyone read The Poe Shadow?
I did enjoy it and I thought that it was clearly well researched. It was a very good homage to Poe and had some excellent reflections on his life. The main character was likeable if a little angelic and the other characters were also good particularly the Baron and Bonjour. However, near the end I started to feel that the book was a little indulgent. I wont give anything away but the end was like an Agatha Christie summing up scene. It was way too long and with far too much plodding through detail.

I did enjoy the book but felt that Pearl's first book The Dante Club was far better- I couldnt put that book down!

If you are a Poe fan I would recommend it but perhaps wait until its in paperback or try to buy it secondhand from or ebay. If you do enjoy The Poe Shadow then definitely check out The Dante Club- I knew nothing about Dante but I still loved it.Has anyone read The Poe Shadow?
excellent book ,worth the money,if you can afford it,but i had to borrow mine from the library:(Has anyone read The Poe Shadow?
Matthew Pearl's "The Poe Shadow" and "The Dante Club" are both awesome historical fiction novels. I love how well researched and detailed they both are. If you love Poe, you will definately love "The Poe Shadow." It is practically written for lovers and scholars of Poe and his work. The mystery in "The Dante Club" was a bit better than "The Poe Shadow," but they were both great stories.

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