Thursday, February 9, 2012

Harry potter and the deathly hollows?

i preordered harry potter and thedeathly hollows at my local barns and noble book store and i was wondering if it will sell out every where and be on high demand because the book wont take me more than 3 days to read and ill sell it on ebay when im done.Harry potter and the deathly hollows?
I highly doubt you'll be able to pull a Nintendo Wii/Playstation 3 kind of money-making deal. There is no limited number; stores all over the place are stocking tons of copies, and it's very easy to order off of Amazon.

You can always try, though...
stores prob. have tons in stock, but you will still get some good money on ebay if you have at a little less then what u bought it 4Harry potter and the deathly hollows?
While i am sure you could sell it on ebay i doubt you would make a profit on it. Pretty much everyone can pre order it so all the die hard fans are doing that. If they arent die hard they woudll rather wait and get the book than pay a lot for it on Ebay. I am sure plently of people will buy it from you but it wont be like with the play stations where people are going to be willing to buy it for a very high price.Harry potter and the deathly hollows?
It is unlikely the book will sell out because of the number of presales.
has that book released?????? thanx for info.
What's your definition of everywhere? I've pre-ordered it here in India. I think you could re-sell it... I'm sure there'll be lots of buyers.
There are a billion people who want to read the book so it will not be hard to find one at a store. I bet you could still sell it on E-bay regardless.
No, they very rarely sell out. There was speculation the last book would sell out and there were tons left the next day for everyone to buy.
if you want to save money and not keep it why not see if your local library will let you "preorder" it as a reading copy.

Actually a lot of stores probably will immediately offer it brand new 30% off if the last time is anything to judge by, and they are going to have it for at least a week. So I doubt you get more than half your money back.

I am sure they will print plenty of books, I don't think it will sell out, it didn't last time either.

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