Friday, February 10, 2012

Why is just about every teen book...?

about vampires? i mean i look for books in that category because my mother says i should read at my own age level but everything is the same. The Barns and Noble top 10 best seller books are all Twilight except for one! What is just so appealing about vampires anyway?Why is just about every teen book...?
I think it's just a phase we're going through right now. Vampires are the "in" books. It really annoys me when people are superficial about them. These are a few really good teen non-vampire books:

The Hunger Games

The Murder of Bindy MacKenzie

Thirteen Reasons Why

The Lovely Bones

Inside the Walls of Troy
It wasn't always that way (and not every teen book is about vampires). Vampires are the new obsession now. Every year comes out a new obsession , either wizards, zombies, monsters, and now vampires.

I know when you think of the word vampire you think of those bloodsucking creatures, ugly, and disgusting. But in stephine's Meyer series (twilight saga) they are described as the most beautiful thing, and the whole "adventure" of a vampire falling in love with a human is an exciting one because it's just not real and it appeals to people in a way. The whole quest about finding out more about these vampires is just Amusing.

You just noticed the vampires books in Barnes and Nobles because they are the top selling because right now.

Why is just about every teen book...?
At the school I teach almost every girl is obsessed with them. There is 94 people on the waiting list to get Twilight at the school library. In every class I have someone has at least one of the Twighlight books. And do you want to know something? THE BOOKS HAVE BEEN AROUND FOR 2 YEARS!!!! Its like they now just know theyre arond. I cant wait till this fave is over. Why is just about every teen book...?
It is the current trend since Twilight is such a big seller, other authors are trying to get on the bandwagon. Don't be surprised that it changes in about 6 months. . Some of the later Harry Potter books are directed more towards teens.
I don't know what to tell you except that the only Twilight you should be reading is Twilight of the Idols. Given that it was written in the late 1800s, it won't cost you a penny:鈥?/a>
first off I don't see how the top10 could all be twilight when there are only 4 books... But the twilght series was/is huge seller. People probably think

if they write books along the same theme they'll be big too.
that's not true at all. other than twilight there are no other teen books so i dunno wat ur talking about. btw, twilight is amazing, i think u just got 2 get into it :)
Vampires Rule!! Only a Vampire can love you Forever.I LOVE EDWARD!!!

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