Monday, February 6, 2012

What are some good Stephen King books?

I am going to the barns and nobles on friday and was thinking of getting a stephen king book, what would be a good buy?What are some good Stephen King books?
The only two I've read are 'Pet Sematary' and 'Bag of Bones', but I couldn't recommend them enough.

And I also got half way through 'Hearts In Atlantis' but I had to give it back to the library. For what I read, it was a good book.

But Stephan King is a literary genius. I doubt you'll be disappointed with whatever you end up picking up!
I have never read a Stephen King book but I read a novel that he recommended and really enjoyed it. It is called Off Season and it is by Jack Ketchum.What are some good Stephen King books?
I like his short story collections a lot, e.g. NIGHTMARES AND DREAMSCAPES, DIFFERENT SEASONS (!), and FOUR PAST MIDNIGHT.

My favorite novels of his are DOLORES CLAIRBORNE, THE STAND, ROSE MADDER, THE GREEN MILE, and CHRISTINE.What are some good Stephen King books?
I like all of his books but the ones I liked the most were The girl who loved Tom Gordon and Pet Sematary
the stand.Christine,skeleton crew,regulators,desperation's those are my fave
I quite liked Cell and the Gunslinger stuffs.

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