Friday, February 10, 2012

Are male cross-dressers allowed to use the women's bathroom?

I was at Barns And Noble, and there were 4 or 5 guys -poorly- dressed as women. They were using the women's bathroom, and they weren't even sitting. It's not like they have to stand up!

The reason this made me mad, is that mos cross-dressers are straight, and it's weird for me to be in the bathroom, when an old guy is in the stall next to me!Are male cross-dressers allowed to use the women's bathroom?
Eww! They're still guys regardless of whether or not they cross-dress!

Males go in the male bathroom, and females go into the female bathroom! I don't even want to imagine what it's like to go to the bathroom and have an old man in there too. I feel sorry for you. Next time you should make a complaint against that.
As a woman, I'd mightily resent any male using the ladies' room, no matter how he was dressed.

If this particular case, the group of cross-dressers could have gotten in touch with someone in management, and arranged to have the men's room reserved just for their group for five or ten minutes.

Women who are wearing slacks and other unisex styles always use the ladies' room, as far as I know. It depends on your anatomy, folks!Are male cross-dressers allowed to use the women's bathroom?
In order to use the women's restroom legally you must have the proper equipment. Next time say something to the manager or call the cops on your cell phone. It's just rude.Are male cross-dressers allowed to use the women's bathroom?
I don't know I have often wondered the same thing. I guess it would be worse for them to be in the male toilets dressed as a female.
jeje..well as guess they are allowed since they are dressed like women..i think it would be more weird to have a look alike women go into a men's restroom
No, they're still men, they should use the gents toilets.
lol. thats hot
actually no, but when you are dressed as a woman you really have no choice. i am a cross dresser and a very passable one also, i am usually not bothered by any women because they do not suspect i am a guy. who ever, more than a few times i have been found out and the women who discovered it were cool but definitely rattleed my chain by making small talk while i was powedering my face at the make-up mirror. i in turn just shook my head yes and no and smiled back. one time a woman followed me and to where i was sitting by myself and she said to me that i pulled that little stunt off very well, she said likes to see guys dressed as women and gave me her telephone number. snce i am an owned bdsm slave i told i was not going to be able to call her. she smiled and she was also a dominant woman and was pleased that i was obeying my mistresses wishes, she demanded i give her my Mistress's phone # number so that she could tell her that or she would that i was a man, reluctantly i did that. she called and is now very good gfreinds with her and i serve both of them. be careful what you wish for. as for the tail end of your comment i dont blame you for being scared and uncomfortable with some one who is not acting as a woman but as a man. and by that i mean you, you go in and draw as little attention as possible and act lady like and be polite , and then get out. the first tip your a man is when you linger in the ladies roo. do your thing and get out.

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