Thursday, February 9, 2012

Can you buy twilight in book stores?

can you buy the book twilight by stephenie meyer in book stores like barns%26amp;noble and borders?

thanks!Can you buy twilight in book stores?
OF COURSE you can!!!!!!!

why wouldnt they?!

go now!!! your missing every second of that wonderful book.


How can you even ask this question? Book shops don't sell books!

Er . . . yes, I was being sarcastic.

Although Twilight's not worth the money. Get something by Eva Ibbotson instead! There's still fluffy romance but it's written better.Can you buy twilight in book stores?
You can buy it almost everywhere.

Even walmart.Can you buy twilight in book stores?
Yes, you can buy all of them there. You can even get all of them at Fred Meyer (where I got mine)
Yes, of course! It's so popular you can buy it EVERYWHERE right now. But is yor best bet.
of course but W.H. Smith is better. Buying it off Amazon is far cheaper though, and i strongly advise it
Any book store that wants to make a profit will be selling it, oh.. and Wal-Mart, too
Uh yeah!

Dert der der!
heck yes.

i got mine at walgreens

hmm.. its now a major motion picture.... I wonder ....


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