Friday, February 3, 2012

What are the ticker symbols for these companies?

We're investing for a project in class and I need the ticker symbols for the following companies.

J.C. Potter

Peter Pan Peanut Butter

Vynal Records


Barns N Noble

Books a Million

Vintage StockWhat are the ticker symbols for these companies?
J.C Potter appears to be privately held so there is not stock symbol. There is not listing for any company called Vynal Records, so there may be a misprint of Vynal (Vinyl?). Vintage Stock is privately owned, so it too does not have a ticker symbol.

Peter Pan is owned by Con Agra, and their symbol is CAG.

Bisquick is owned by General Mills, whose symbol is GIS

Barnes and Noble symbol is BKS

Books A Million symbol is BAMM.

I hope this helps!

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