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Do Global Warming scientist GET there facts from Science Fiction movies?

Or Barns and Noble science fiction books?Do Global Warming scientist GET there facts from Science Fiction movies?
Aluminum foil hats help also.
Just those whom are products of the public ED system.Do Global Warming scientist GET there facts from Science Fiction movies?
some facts not all. Many different Types of research. watching Groundhogs is another very interesting project.Do Global Warming scientist GET there facts from Science Fiction movies?
The way you phrased this question, you already knew your answer and could care less about others opinions.
no becuz u just dont have a brain big enough to comprehend that we are seriously hurting the earth! don't criticize until you have a fifth grade education! its stubborn jerks like you who are just making this ticking-time-bomb of a planet worse for the rest of us!

not at all, that is why we have individuals that go to college and study whatever it is (ocean life-ozone etc. ) if anything t.v shows get there plots off college professors that do all the work and darn good hard work, t.v. produces that transfers this info at no cost......and you can make an impact, for your children, grandchildren etc. watch some good eductional shows, this is not a scienc fiction is not true......look hard and can
No, they get them from massive amounts of data collected by many independent scientists all around the world.

It proves that global warming is real, and mostly caused by us.

"I wasn’t convinced by a person or any interest group—it was the data that got me. I was utterly convinced of this connection between the burning of fossil fuels and climate change. And I was convinced that if we didn’t do something about this, we would be in deep trouble.”

Vice Admiral Richard H. Truly, USN (Ret.)

Former NASA Administrator, Shuttle Astronaut

Ben O - Climatologists all around the world get the same basic results from the data. Global warming is real, and mostly caused by us. Examples:

Table 4. AOGCMs in the Intercomparison

Originating Group Country Model


CCCma Canada CGCM3.1(T47/T63)

CCSR/NIES/FRCGC Japan MIROC3.2(medres/hires)




INM Russia INM-CM3.0





MRI Japan MRI-CGCM2.3.2




With all of your years of study, and direct research what is your opinion, as an uneducated but all around nice guy? I can't tell from how you phrased your question. Of course, I might be the only one here that needs absolute proof.
It's called hard science; which is indisputable evidence.
k well you don't have to do your part to slow down global warming if you don't want to nor do you have to believe it is happening but you don't have to criticize those who are researching it.......It's not like they're out there making **** up....they are just trying to help us, they aren't out there wasting their time researching the relationship between heat-trapped gasses and the warming of our atmosphere just for the glory of giving ppl something to debate about. They are just trying to alert society and let us know what we can do to can debate and rant on about it all ya want but you can't deny that our earth is warming at an alarming rate and that sea level is rising b/c of all the melting snow and ice.......that's a fact, scientists are just trying to figure out how to prevent it or slow it down so just let them do their job......and quit assuming they are retarded, maybe you should go research it all before you insult them b/c you make youself look like an idiot
Wasn't one made by some politician not long ago...a VP or something.I also think he got a Nobel piece of pie, alacarbon.
They don't use techniques that would be taken seriously in other scientific fields.

Research papers are not vetted for their robust scientific technique (like can other people get the same results from the same raw data) but instead which papers give the best doomsday scenario.
nope, they get them from this crazy thing called Real Life oooo scary sounding!
If you were called to testify before congress and present evidence that anthropogenic CO2 had no effect on radiative transfer and thus climate, would you want this statement, phrased as a question, read into the congressional record with your name in front of it? I'm just wondering if you really think this is insightful reasoning or are you simply trolling?

Anyway, most global warming scientists are part of the UN elite, they wouldn't be caught dead shopping anywhere as lowbrow as B%26amp;N. Plus they're cheap. Really cheap. Most global warming scientists shop at Powell's World of Books in Portland Oregon ( or using ABE (
no you are referring to Scientology.
No, they get it from space aliens who have been in charge of our global thermometer for ages... Al Gore might, since he's a nut, but the whole part about being a scientist is doing the research and learning the facts. Who are you trying to be, Sasha Cohen??
they got it from the same school that you learned your grammer from
No. Science fiction movies and books are far too technical for global warming enthusiast.

You have to consider the fact that if the temperature increases or decreases, it's because global warming is changing the planet.

We have passed through one of the coldest winters on record.

We were supposed to have been hit with a number of Hurricanes on the scale of Katrina, also. The warmer waters were going to generate more violent Hurricanes. We didn't get one.

It didn't happen.

Is it because we are all driving hybrid vehicles and using mercury laden light bulbs.

We successfully changed the weather in just a few short years! Hooray for us!

We can't stop there, we have to continue to save the planet!

Stop driving cars, using toilet paper, and breaking wind!
What is global warming? How are human affecting this exactly? I thought the sun heats our planet? Silly me and all of this talk during the coldest winter in years around the planet.

For the record we are trending towards a cooler climate the cyclical black spot on the sun is not where it is supposed to be and the absence corresponds with a cooler climate but hey what do I know I am skeptical about the whole thing and I can not possible have advanced further that the 5th grade to think that the sun is solely responsible for heating the earth or that the orbit is not set and sometimes waffles or that the Earth's axis is not centered true north to south but that the axis actually causes things like seasons to happen dumb old stupid me.

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