Monday, February 6, 2012

Where do you find lesbian books?

i don't want to have to order them. do they sell them at barns and noble or places like that? is there a site that has free stories?Where do you find lesbian books?
Barnes and Noble has a Gay and Lesbian section. It is usually somewhere in the back by Astrology and with the dating and romance books.
Depending on where you live, whether its open minded (i.e near a major American city) or restrictive (backwoods of Alabama), a major book seller like B%26amp;N probably carries some gay erotica.

Another option is a gay-friendly independent bookstore.Where do you find lesbian books?
Yes they are in bookstores, I found a particulary good lesbian, erotic anthology @ BORDERS.Where do you find lesbian books?
There's this xena fan fiction site I've read some stories from, original stories cause I'm not into xena.鈥?/a>
how can you tell if the book is male or female? even more so, how do you know what type of books they are attracted to?

are they printed that way?????

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