Friday, February 3, 2012

Where can I sell my textbooks?

I have a bunch of textbooks from being home schooled. Along with some interactive computer programs for a few out them, and work books.

All in really good condition.

Where can I sell them, other then Amazon, Barns and Noble, Craigslist

Maybe a site more towards homeschooling.

Thanks.Where can I sell my textbooks?
you can sale them here
Also post them for sale on a homeschool group list, I see a lot that way.

If they come from something like Abeka, you can look for "used Abeka materials," and there's probably a specialty list out there somewhere for people looking for them.Where can I sell my textbooks?
try ebay;鈥?/a>Where can I sell my textbooks?
I always use eBay. Or, has a selling section.
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