Friday, February 3, 2012

Where can i find urban books besides online?

i love to read books by urban authors, you know the ones you can read in a night or two. i just dont know where besides online can i find them? do they sell them at a barns and noble? and if so what section would they be under?Where can i find urban books besides online?
Any bookstore will have urban books. Some stores have a section for urban fiction and at some stores it is mixed into the regular fiction section. Also many libraries will have some urban fiction.

Here are Nikki Turner's books on Barnes %26amp; Noble's website:鈥?/a>

and Noire's鈥?/a>

Also you would like anything published by Triple Crown Publications. They specialize in publishing urban books.鈥?/a>

On Barnes %26amp; Noble's website you can type in you zip code to see if a store near you has a book and then put it on hold by clicking the "pick up in store" button.Where can i find urban books besides online?
I don't know what you mean by "urban" authors. Do you mean African-American authors? Or, authors who write local books about cities, like city histories and local celebrities, and such? I've read books in a night or two, but it was because the books were so good that I didn't want to put them down, lol. I'm just confused as to what you mean, so I can't really answer.

If you mean black authors then many major bookstores have a section for African-American authors. My local book stores also have a section for local authors who write books about the state, city, or other local/regional themes.

You can find most books at major bookstores like Barns and Nobles and Borders, for example. Mom and pop store usually won't carry just about everything.

My advice is to look online for the book you want and then go to the website of Barns and Nobels or whatever bookstore is closest to you and see if they sell the book. If the do then go to the bookstore and give the clerk the name and author of the book and they'll help you find the book in the store and you can note the section if you want to buy a similar book at a later date and just want to browse for one. You can save a lot of money that way because shipping and handling can be too expensive.

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