Friday, February 3, 2012

Were can i buy a good deck of torot cards?

Well i seen some at a barns and noble one time and i didn't get the chance to buy them. I would look there again but i live really far away from the store. I'm going to a big city tomorrow and i was wondering if any one could give me some good places to look.Were can i buy a good deck of torot cards?
I found a few in the health food shops, also book shops and the places you buy incense from, all the hippie type stuff, like rocks and gems and things like that.
www.enchantedgc.comWere can i buy a good deck of torot cards?
Tarot Cards are sold in most book shops - both in chains and small independent stores. If you don't see them on a shelf, they may be behind the counter.

Occult book stores usually have the widest selection.Were can i buy a good deck of torot cards?
If you want a really terrific selection of all the standards PLUS original art on new designs, I suggest going over to, sign up if you have to... it's free. They have some of the most awesome decks to be had.

You pick what interests you and you get to preview the entire deck! Write down the favorites or save them into your favorites section on that site. Then you can use them online to better get a 'feel' for your deck.

You can order online and I believe there may be alternate ordering options.

If for some STRANGE reason you don't find one there, your local bookstore usually has a few choices or see if there is a 'psychic eye' store in your area. Good luck.

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