Friday, February 3, 2012

Does barn and noble sell manga?

ive been wondering that since i saw manga in libarys i wonder if they sell it at book store if not can u tell me a place well they sell english manga also the reason cuz i cant find this manga online its call Facade and i saw it in baka-updates but cant seem to find it online so plz help.Does barn and noble sell manga?
Yes they do sell manga in Barnes %26amp; Nobles, but not very much of it since there are not too many series that are translated and sold here.

I used to use Baka-updates too but I realized they are very bad when it comes to updating so I use myanimelist instead. Looks like myanimelist is saying there are no groups currently translating it. :(Does barn and noble sell manga?
Yes, they do. It is where I buy my mange from.

However, i don't think Facade is available in the US.Does barn and noble sell manga?
Yes they do, in fact, at our local Barnes %26amp; Noble, they have a whole section for it. I'm sure yours will be similar.

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