Monday, February 6, 2012

Barns and Nobles question.....important!?

Im looking for the book called Vanessa Hudgens: Breaking Free: An Unauthorized Biography okey..... and i dont know in which ile i should look in theirs pets,romance,science etc which one?in barnns and nobles?Barns and Nobles question.....important!?
Every Barnes and Noble has an information desk. Ask there and they will tell you which "aisle" to look in.
Ask them at Barnes and Noble. They will tell you.Barns and Nobles question.....important!?
It's actually called "Barnes and Noble", after the people who founded it.

I would look in the "Biography" section, or you can always ask someone who works there. They type the name into a computer, and walk you right to the book.

Or, if you feel weird asking, go to "" and find the book and see what section it's listed under.

Good luck :)Barns and Nobles question.....important!?
Why not try the Biography ile? Or ask someone who works there where you can find it, that way they can tell you if they carry it.
Duh! Did you try Biography???
In childrens, would be my guess because "Breaking Free" was a song that she sung in a childrens movie called High School Musical so definatelly look in childrens it will be there!!
You can call them. If they don't have one, they may be able to get you a copy.
It's in the children department under biography. Usually the biography section in the kids department is alphabetical by last name of the person you looking for.

This month there is also a High School Musical display in some stores so it might be there also.

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