Friday, February 3, 2012

Ascendant Question For People Who Understands Astrology?

I know the Ascendant is the mask or what others call it the vehicle your Sun signs drive, %26amp; our physical self's.

I read in a Western Astrology Book At Barns %26amp; Nobles saying that your Ascendant is who you are becoming when you get older in life because you are always dealing with %26amp; learning in the external world.

So if this is true then the Ascendant is the most important sign when dealing %26amp; living in reality not the Sun sign because it's your soul %26amp; we people are really physical.

Is this true?Ascendant Question For People Who Understands Astrology?
Hi Zodiac and thx for best answer. I would comment but afterwards the "edit" ability is gone so you can always add "additional details" to your question if you need more info about your question or anything you want to add about your question. You had asked what Geminis think about and truly they think about everything. But all is dependent on the mood at that time as the moods change so quickly that most do not understand one with strong Gemini in their chart. Trying to stay in one mood is pretty impossible for most Geminis and that is why there is such a problem maintaining relationships. Those quick mood changes. Whenever I go to visit a Gemini I know I am going to get one of two moods. Good or Bad. It is that blunt. When the "good" side is present I can stay until the"not so good" side Gemini takes over. Now about this ascendant issue.This took me a long time to learn so I hope I am saving you some time here. Every definition that you read in astrology books is just one person's opinion. And those definitions are often contradictory which really slowed me down when I began to study astrology. Remember that truth is simple. If you find yourself bewildered about everything and confused about everything, take what rings true for you, and let the rest fall by the wayside. Too much info can be just as confusing as not enough info. Do you know the rising sign (ascendant) for your natal chart? It is the sign on the 1st house cusp. You can get a free natal chart at Put in your birth data but if you don't know the exact time, just put 12:00 PM as they suggest. You won't get the exact rising sign, house cusps, and the moon is probably off by a few degrees, but you can get a copy of your birth certificate and the time and place has to be on there so it is worth the time and effort and cost to get your legal birth certificate. Unfortunately, mother's memories tend to be off most of the time because having a baby is really stressful. From personal experience I can tell you that is it painful, so do try to get your birth certificate time and then you can get your exact rising sign, house cusps, and the exact placement of the moon. When I first look at a chart I check out the Sun,Moon, and Ascendant (rising sign). The Ascendant is your personality, your physical body, and the "first impression" that you make when meeting others for the first time. The rising sign is kind of the "Hello World" that we present when meeting others. It is our personality too. How we act when are out in the world. This stuff really confused me too so don't feel alone in this.Then the Sun Sign is your individuality, What makes "you" "you" . It is your nature, your conscious self, your ego. That is all under the Sun's domain. What kind of individual are you is what it describes. And then the Moon is all about emotions. How do we feel about things? This is your moon. Are we very emotional, or are we somewhat "cold" emotionally. This is what the moon sign gives us. What are you like emotionally? The moon answers this question. Mercury is how we communicate. That is it. How do we communicate with others. Venus is how we form relationships. Mars is how we use our energy, how we battle, how we assert ourselves. Jupiter is our faith, religion, philosophy, our optimism or our lack of optimism. Saturn is where we have to take personal responsibility. Uranus is where we need change in our life. Neptune is all about intangibles, dreams, spiritual things, and Pluto is power. Pure power. Nothing else. Now once you get exactly what the planets represent about us, then the signs come in, and then also super important are the aspects ( or the angles) that the planets make with each other. Good aspects? Trines, Sextiles, and at times conjunctions. Difficult aspect? Squares, oppositions, and at times conjunctions. So take it a little bit at a time. Start observing others particularly during the Full Moon. Keep asking questions and we will do our best to answer any question you have, as there are no stupid questions. Good luck Bless you and Keep Studying Astrology because it truly does help you understand why we are the way we are and why we have the life lessons that we have. The only way you can fail is if you quit trying. So hang in there. Again bless you and good luck.Ascendant Question For People Who Understands Astrology?
No. To me the ascendant was just a first time thing. How you appear to others or how people see you in a public area, what first impression you give. I think that's why it's called the rising, like the rising sun just starting to show it's face.

Wouldn't make a difference in my case, both my rising and sun sign are the same.Ascendant Question For People Who Understands Astrology?
People act like their ascendant

My experience

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