Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Which one is cheaper: Barns&Noble or Borders?

B%26amp;N has more used book offerings, which would be the only way they could be cheaper. The publishers have rules about what the booksellers can charge.

Many of the used books have never been read. They were simply overstocked at some store or in some warehouse and returned to the publisher. My mom buys these, instead of the normal ones as you can get a $12 book for about $3.Which one is cheaper: Barns%26amp;Noble or Borders?

Go to the library!!!
They're going to be the same.

However, Borders rewards program is free whereas Barnes and Nobles discount card costs money. So if you reap the rewards, you may end up saving a little money with Borders.

It also seems to me like Border's sends out WAY more coupons (maybe desperate for your business?) and have better deals than B n N.Which one is cheaper: Barns%26amp;Noble or Borders?
Barnes Noble are expensive! Amazon sells books for way cheaper!Which one is cheaper: Barns%26amp;Noble or Borders?
They have about the same prices, maybe a dollar or two difference. It depends on the store.

However, Borders has Borders Rewards, which is free and you can get good deals if you use the coupons for discounts and stuff, while you have to pay for the B%26amp;N discount card.

I think Borders is better, but that's just personal preference.

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