Friday, January 27, 2012

Barns and Noble NOOK vs. Amazon Kindle...which is better?

The Nook has some minor benefits in terms of service features, but the Kindle is the far superior design in my book.

The Kindle boasts:

1. Smaller while maintaining the same screen size

2. Lighter

3. More recent generation of e-Ink Display. Looks sharper

4. Lacks that annoying touch screen strip, which is exactly where my thumbs want to rest. When touched accidentally, it boots you out of the book you are reading.Barns and Noble NOOK vs. Amazon Kindle...which is better?
I literally spent months researching the answer to this very question. I love to read, and spend time on the Internet each day checking my e-mail, the news, and a little bit of FaceBook. Something the size of an e-reader - with Internet access - was interesting.

Go into stores and hold them and look at them yourself, but my conclusion was that the Nook Color was far superior to either the Nook or Kindle e-ink machines. Sure, if you spend all of your time reading in the sunlight the e-ink displays are wonderful. But if you read inside most of the time, nothing beats the display on the Nook Color.

UPDATE: Don't just blindly believe someone who talks about eyestrain on the Nook Color. Go see for yourself. Bright levels on the NC are easily and quickly adjustable. And somehow, billions of people use the same type of display every day and don't experience any eyestrain. If you want eyestrain, try reading that Kindle in a dimly lit room.

The NC's web browser is amazing, and Barnes and Noble is about to upgrade the machine to Android 2.2 so it will support flash. The Nook Color can easily be "rooted" by following simple instructions on the Internet - making it a really nice (and cheap!) Android Tablet computer (with full access to the Android Market).

If you not only enjoy reading books, but like to read magazines, then it's no contest. The color screen on the Nook Color is incredible. Don't take my word for it - go see it yourself. Search the Internet for Kindle vs. Nook Color and you'll see overwhelming reviews in the NC's favor.

I could go down the list and compare all of the devices, but others have already done it. If you spend 90+% of your time reading books outdoors, then get the Kindle. It's lighter and has better battery life overall. But if you love the vibrant colors in photos, the Internet, and many books and can live with only 8 hours a day of reading (!!!) on a single charge, there's absolutely nothing like the Nook Color.
Go to either or both (US) and for neutral comparisons, or even - all have excellent comparisons with the pro's and cons. I read them all before buying my choice.

Whichever you choose is a toss-up depending on your preference - test them out in the store first.

Be sure to download 'Calibre', an e-book organizer/manager - it's the best program going! It also converts from one format to another so you aren't tied to only one e-book source or format (Kindle uses a proprietary format of its own)鈥?/a> (how-to) (review)Barns and Noble NOOK vs. Amazon Kindle...which is better?

DO NOT get the nook color because it's screen is like a computer's and it'll strain you eyes

the regular nook has the touch screen in the bottom where your thumbs want to rest.... it's so annoyingBarns and Noble NOOK vs. Amazon Kindle...which is better?
Noble NOOK of course!

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