Friday, January 27, 2012

Poll: Borders or Barns and Noble?

Which one do you preffer?

I like the feel and layout of Borders better.Poll: Borders or Barns and Noble?
I like Borders more than Barnes %26amp; Noble :P

I love how it has a CD and book section, and the coffee shop haha :D

I could stay there forver ?
The Barnes %26amp; Noble close to my house is much bigger than the local Borders so I prefer Barnes %26amp; Noble. Selection is everything. Other than that, they are very similar places.Poll: Borders or Barns and Noble?
bordersPoll: Borders or Barns and Noble?
I like the feel of Barnes %26amp; Noble (more comfy places to sit) but Borders is much more organized I find. They both have coffee shops and yeah. I like Borders cause I can find what I'm looking for easily without having to ask anyone :D
barnes %26amp; noble, mine has starbucks next door, and it has outside umbrella tables to relax and read, while enjoying your favorite coffee beverage!?
Boreders, thats where i read all the magazines haha so that way i dont have to pay, although there are a lot of creepers there :/
borders seems much more cleaner %26amp; more modern to me, but b%26amp;n has a wider selection(:
i like borders better

hmm need to get a book

for my american lit 2 class blah

borders seems to be cheaper alittle

and have more things

plus i have the card:D
borders...i met my bf there :)
I like Barnes and Noble.
i've never been to a Borders so i guess barnes and noble :P
borders for sure! :]

i spend way too much money on books there lol
Amazon......I'm antisocial.
Borders is better in a lot of aspects, but the Barnes and Noble near me always did midnight release parties and those were ridiculously fun. So for me it's Barnes and Noble.
I prefer Borders. They seem to have better prices than Barnes and Noble and they send me 30-40% off any item coupons several times a week. xD
I definitely have to say Barns and Noble so as Borders too.

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