Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Barns & noble nook???

Which is better the original nook or the nook color? What's the difference between them, besides the nook color having color? Which one would you get?(:Barns %26amp; noble nook???
I had experienced them all, nook is not having modern apps and tool and is not that much customiseable but it has a feel whereas nook color is customiseable,modern and have tools but it dont have feel of book reader and secondly it affects eyes because it is using backlight, after all experience i will just say that kindle 3g is modern, have modern tools ,is highly customizeable and is made and meant for reading.and as far as prices are concerned they are all at same price but prices of ebooks at amazon are relatively very low and also they are giving lot of free ebooks with kindle also.

I am quoting a nice review for you here:

http://bit.ly/nookorkindle3Barns %26amp; noble nook???
Kindle ;) I like the organization schemes better.

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