Friday, January 27, 2012

Twilight "Party" at Barns and Noble?

Okay so i have never been to one of these things and the theme is prom... does that mean that i am supposed to dress up in a dress or something. I just starting reading the twilight series last friday and i am done already but i haven't read midnight sun! I can't wait till breaking dawn comes out im addictied.

P.S. Why do people think that you can't like Harry Potter if you like Twilight? I like bot h but Twilight better(just curious)Twilight "Party" at Barns and Noble?
Sounds fun. I have the first three, but I've only read the first and second. I'm glad you like them! Breaking Dawn should be a big success. I say just put on a formal dress or even a nice dress and possibly, instead of heels, tennis shoes. The Twilight Series has exploded and you might be waiting a long time for the book, whence you feet might ache, which would make the party not fun.

And HP and Twilight are like milk. Some days you want chocolate, and the others white milk. You can like both. Actually, they are fairly similiar, genre wise!

This should be on a fan site!Twilight "Party" at Barns and Noble?
Yep. A prom dress if you can. Just put on your fanciest dress. Do your hair up a bit. I'm assuming it's supposed to be a bit costumey.

I don't know why. Those Twilighters treat it like it's the Bible. Here's how I like at it: If you like the book as much as you say you do, you won't get offended by hate comments. If you do get offended, then you must not like the book as much as you say you do.

I love my novel too much to let people's criticism drag me down. My love for the book is greater than my dislike for the comments thrown at it--I've received one, but that was in the terrible stages of my novel.

EDIT: At least she's asking a question dealing with books!Twilight "Party" at Barns and Noble?
I love both HP and Twilight.. i prefer Twilight though

ps. Midnight Sun has not yet been released
ya ur supposed to wear ur prom outfit. midnight sun isn't out yet but here's the link for the first chapter...鈥?/a>

scroll down to the bottom and click on the link. HAVE FUN!!!

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