Friday, January 27, 2012

Help - I'm Invterviewing for a job at Barns and Noble?

Hi, I just turned 18 and have never had a formal job before. What can I expect from an interviewer as far as questions? I don't have any experience in retail so how can I make myself seem like the best candidate? Does anyone have any stress busting techniques, I get really nervous in one-on-one interactions like this (I bombed my college interviews). I'm normally very eloquent and relaxed but on interviews I come across as a compete bumpkin. Also, what should I wear? Its going to be summery weather and my only fancy pants are for winter, but I do have some button down shirts. Thanks so much!!Help - I'm Invterviewing for a job at Barns and Noble?
Dear Galetia,

You will do fine. If you want this job, you'll get it. Wear your winter fancy pants and a nice button down shirt.

Answer the questions the best as you can. The most likely question they're going to ask you is, if you like to read books :).

And in retail it is all about customer service... if the subject comes up... you can tell the B%26amp;N interviewer, that you would give all Barnes and Noble customers the same excellent customer service level as you would expect from any retail.

Oh... don't forget to breathe in and out... :) You will do fine, especially if you really want the job.

Let me know when you get the job.

Good luck.

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