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If you were to read erotic fiction, would you read a caucasian story written by an African American author?

Imagine yourself in barns and noble, and you came across the cover of an interesting looking book, compelling you to remove it from the shelf. You skim through it. Then, you discover there are caucasian characters, as well as other cultures in the story. You also discover the book was written by an African American author. Would you, or would you not, continue to read it?If you were to read erotic fiction, would you read a caucasian story written by an African American author?
i would still read it! i dont think it matters what race the author is, a good story is a good story.
The race and/or nationality of the author would have no bearing on whether or not I would read such a book.If you were to read erotic fiction, would you read a caucasian story written by an African American author?
I would continue to read it. Writers write about lots of things that they may not know everything about. That doesn't make it invalid at all. I mean it's fiction so anything goes.If you were to read erotic fiction, would you read a caucasian story written by an African American author?
if it had a good story line and was well written i wouldn't care what color the characters or the author was.....ability and talent has nothing whatsoever to do with color, gender, race or religion.
If I was captivated by the plot, I would read it. I think it would make the story more interesting as it tells about different cultures. Who cares the race of the author. That doesn't matter!

Your kidding right? If i was interested in the book, then I'd read it. plain and simple, Narrow minded people tend to make me upset...
Sure, why not? If it is a compelling story, then who cares what colour skin the author has. I just care if it is well written and keeps my attention. It also doesn't matter if it is erotic fiction, police procedural, fantasy/scifi,or mystery.
Why should it even matter? I don't start reading books by white authors expecting an all white cast, only to burn it as soon as a black character is mentioned.
why wouldn't i?
I would read it. It wouldn't matter to me the gender or ethnicity of the person, if they are a good writer that is all that matters.

Not too long ago, I read, House of Babel by Caroline Parkhurst. I didn't notice until a few chapters into the book that it was written by a woman but the main character was a man. I was sure a man wrote the book and it was amazing to me how well developed her character was. You would think it had to be a man who wrote it. Knowing it was actually a woman who wrote the book even though the main character was male made the book even more interesting.
are you African or American, you cant be both unless you hold duel citizens ship
I'm a caucasian librarian with 90% African-American patrons, so I try to read as many books by African-American authors as I can (since these are the books my patrons tend to be interested in). Some African-American erotic fiction I can stand, but some of it makes me feel so "outside the culture" (particularly urban erotic romance, like Zane), I can't make it through the book. I wouldn't be surprised if books with caucasian characters feel the same to people of other races - most are fine, but some are just so out there that potential readers aren't comfortable with it.

I don't see why you couldn't write about caucasian characters - there's absolutely no reason your characters have to have the same skin color you do. My caveat, though, would be to leave the racial tension and grandstanding at home - I am never comfortable with black characters who look down on white people, or characters of any culture who look down on those of a different culture or ethnic origin (unless it's part of the historical accuracy of the book, like dealing with slavery). I'm willing to read about caucasians who mistreat blacks only in a historical sense, and only as "the bad guys."
Yeah, I already have. There are many good black authors. What a silly question. You're hanging out with the wrong crowd.
Does a author writing about witches have to be a witch? Haha no, stories should be soley based on content..
Yes, I would read it. I have been very surprised by authors who write from a perspective other than there own, they can often hit upon some interesting truths that go missed by others. Of course that is the sign of a good author.

Try Jennifer Robertson writing from a male perspective.
if the story and characters were interesting who cares what the race of the author is so narrow minded its pathetic
Why not? If the book and the content was appealing, it would not matter to me who authored it. Perhaps this author has extensively researched or been immersed in that type of atmosphere. Or the author could be using his/her vivid imagination. Either way, I would read it.

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