Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What do you get a teenage boy for Christmas?

My son is nearly 13 and is very independant. He's not the average kid at all, he's more like an adult. He is smart (taking the SAT this December), reads all the time, and knows a lot about computers. I usually buy him barns and noble gift cards because it's impossible to know what he hasn't read. He seems to know everything about everything and since I've be taking more college courses he often knows the answers to the questions I have!!!!!! I bought him a cell phone last year and he has a computer.... He has the new version of warcraft already and stuff to go with that. I'm stumped. What else is there??? I don't have a ton of money but this kid is a great help around the house and deserves something nice.What do you get a teenage boy for Christmas?
Sounds like you might have a budding genius protege on your hands. Even though he's only 13, maybe you can ask your people at college if there is something he might can take there (for the challenge if nothing else), as he might be beyond his middle school years in the brain area. After all, if he's answering your COLLEGE questions (and doing so correctly), he needs something to challenge him. In lieu of this, perhaps some college level computer programming in certain core subjects for use at home could help. The idea here is to challenge him, and it sounds like his current curriculum might just be too easy for him. Basically, the jist here is to reward him with something for his mind! Good luck!
Have you told him how much you love and appreciated him? Well, for starters, you can say that! I always love that when my mom does that to me. *misty eyes*

Why dont you have a good trip to where he wants? Things fade and get destroyed but a good experience and good memories stays forever...What do you get a teenage boy for Christmas?
A credit card!What do you get a teenage boy for Christmas?
Get him a computer with the best specs you can find and has a certificate to get Vista Ultimate(Microsoft's new operating system) for free. He'll be in heaven. If you can't aford that somehing electronic(IPOD, PS3) and the bookstore gift card.
l Pod
i'm jealous of this kid. =[

tell him to be normal. =]

or just give him the gift of a day out. take him into the city to spend the night at a hotel... maybe go to a place like gameworks... or a concert and go out to dinner. have a mom and son day. you will both enjoy the time spent together... before he gets into girls. lol

BTW you are incredibly lucky to have such a great kid! and thanks for being a good parent.
Xbox 360($299/399), PS3($499/599), or maybe a Wii($250)
well, him being 13 and really smart loving computers reading and stuff like that i have some ideas

u can get him videogames and ask him to try alittle break cuz he doesnt want to be tressed for SAT but he doesnt seem like that kind of person to stress over it but i could be wrong (im good at realizing who ppl r cuz im friends with EVERYONE and dont care who they r)


u can get him electronics or stuff like so he can like try and build new stuff invent cuz if he likes computers he may like trying to invent something electricle (pls note:i cant spell today)


a gift card to anywhere in a mall cuz he could go where ever he wants in the mall from videogames to phones!

just money really i hope i helped!!! ^_^
Are you a cool mom? If so, condoms. Otherwise a guitar or video game
You should get him an I-pod....Even though he may be a young adult he will still enjoy listening to music on the go!%26lt;%26lt;%26lt;That sounds like an advertisement lol :]]]
well my mom and step dad just gave us money for christimass this year I get 100$ just like the time before and knowing my mom she's give us a little more LoL

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