Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Headache at Barns and Nobles?

Whenever I visit a certain Barns and Nobles for a long period of time ( around 4 hrs or so) my head starts to hurt and I feel faint and dizzy. My legs and arms feel weak and tired.

It only happens to me inside Barns and nobles; This doesn't occur at the library, or anywhere else.

Does anyone know why?Headache at Barns and Nobles?
Probably their paint or the carpet, and the smell of books and glue plus INK!
You're welcome, good luck.

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Headache at Barns and Nobles?
Maybe you just feel overwhelmed by the many books and people,

that store can make me dizzy too sometimes.

Try to just go for a short period of time. :)

I don't think theres anything wrong.Headache at Barns and Nobles?
It could be the fumes from the paper and ink from the books. Its just a smell the store has thats making you feel like that. Try going for less time next time and see what happens.
Trying to read all the small print on the books can behard if you're doing it for four hours. If I read for too long it gives me a headache.

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