Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Is the Nook at Barns And Noble a adroid, can i get apps?

Both the original e-Ink Nook and Nook Color run Android.

Nook Color comes with several apps (like Pandora internet radio, QuickOffice, etc.) pre-installed.

Nook Color allows to watch videos, listen to the music, view Office documents and PDF's. The Nook Color will not run apps straight out of the Android Market, but that does not mean it cannot run them. In fact, they have done a lot of tests on apps from standard Android smartphones and they pretty much run on Nook Color, which has Android 2.1 under the hood. (The Nook native interface and apps are just standard Android application layers.) Barnes %26amp; Noble special Nook SDK runs on top of the standard Android one and gives developers access to exclusive extensions and APIs for the Nook and its interface. So porting Android apps is not difficult. B%26amp;N says it is more like optimising them for Nook than porting them.

Nook Color is better for reading than iPad and better for everything else than Kindle. Nook Color has been picked as the editors choice by PC Magazine. Pro reviewers of other sites (CNET, ZDNet, Engadget, AllThingsDigital, etc.) mentioned that it tested to be pretty fast for apps and PDF's, has a beautiful screen, and is a great value for the holiday season for $249.

Nook Color's screen is better (less reflective) for reading than iPad's thanks to new LG screen with anti-glare coating, and it is better performing in sunlight than iPad's. Also, as it's smaller in size than iPad, the text appears sharper on Nook's screen.Is the Nook at Barns And Noble a adroid, can i get apps?
No apps are available for it. Maybe they will be in the future, but not right now.

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