Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Where can I find/buy books online?

I'm looking for a few hard to find out of print books. I've tried the typical ebay/amazon/borders/barns%26amp;noble and a dozen other sites. I've searched by the ISBN number too. I'm looking for Fever Heat by A. Vicker but I can't find it anywhere!Where can I find/buy books online?

Here - however, ti's just as expensive as on www.biblio.com. But hey, at least we found it!
Have you tried searching Google for the ISBN? Surely you could somehow get in contact with the publisher and see if they have any copies remaining.Where can I find/buy books online?
Have you tried http://www.cheapestbookprice.com/Where can I find/buy books online?
Here it is:


However, it is very expensive.

For this particular book, I used bookfinder.com to locate it. Good luck!
try books.com, or ask a friend...
ebay has a great book selection http://www.half.ebay.com

Try Amazon

Amazon has everything.
yes ggogle it, try amazon or ebay or maybe booksamillion...wish u good luck
For out-of-print books, I love www.bookfinder.com. Lots of rare book dealers and used book dealers list their books on that.
try barnes and noble
You might have to go to a second hand book dealer in your town and ask if they have the book. You be surprise at what your local second book dealer has in the way of books in their collection to buy.
Try Booksamillion.com. They have practically every book you could ever want.
Try half.com or ebay also you might try to get it from the publisher as well.

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