Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How can I sell my used books?

I have a couple of books I`d like to sell, since I no longer use them. I originally wanted to sell them on eBay, but the problem is that I am not over the age of 18. Is there any other way I can do this? Do Barns %26amp; Noble buy used books, if they`re in good condition?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance!How can I sell my used books?
you could try craigslist, its where you can sell to people in your area so you don't have to ship anything. (:

good luck

people will buy anything.How can I sell my used books?
Most local bookstores will buy books if they're in good condition. Do you have a Half Priced Books close to you? It's the only chain I can think of that might be national.How can I sell my used books?
I'm pretty sure they do. If not, try the local library or a more local bookstore (Not a Chain).
You can sell them to a used book store.

Your parents can't help you if you sell online? I buy used books from half.com, but it's an eBay website.
well.. what i usually do is tell my friends about the books i'm selling.. if the titles are good they can recommend it to their other friends.. I usually give them commission or part of the profit for example 10% for every book I sell with their help..

it's an easier and fun way of selling books since I'm more secure that the person I'm selling the book/s to won't ditch me since they are people who my friends know personally.. (=

another option would be a garage sale.. if your neighbors holding one.. try asking them if you can also sell your books there.. A lot of people visit garage sales with cash ready in their pockets.. (=

good luck selling your books!

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