Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Is Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyer out yet?

I looked at Barns %26amp; Noble and they don't have it but yet the first chapter of the book is on her site. Is the book out yet?Is Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyer out yet?
nope...sorry...that might be a marketing ploy or something to create demand for the book...but it's definitely not out yet...or else i would have had a copy!!! i think it's coming out later in the summer though....
Nope--we don't know when that book is coming out. It's gonna be after Breaking Dawn, probably some time next year or something, but it's not out yet. Yes, the first chapter IS on Stephenie's site. I think she's either still working on it, or just waiting for it to be made into a book...not really sure...

:)Is Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyer out yet?
nope not yet.. I'm not sure when it comes out.. i don't think there is an official date for it yet. too bad though I'm so excited for it.. yes the first chapter is on her page and that is all of the book that anyone has ever read there's nothing else out for the public.. did you read it??

if not go back and read it its really good!(=

- hope that helps!!(=Is Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyer out yet?
no the book isnt out yet, its going to be out after Breakind Dawn, as Midnight Sun isnt offically part of the series she wants to finish the series off first, so i dont excpect to see it till a few more months, however teh first cahpter is great!
No, it's not. Breaking Dawn comes out on August 2nd. That is the fourth book in the series. Midnight Sun is Twilight through Edward's perceptive. I do not know when that comes out.
no it is not out yet and no one knows when it will come out; even stephenie does not know yet


its ok though; instead read her other novel that just came out; "the host" it is extremely fab - u - lous!!!
No, of course not.

After Stephenie Meyer's done with Breaking Dawn, she's then going to work on Midnight Sun. So it's going to come out sometime in 2009.

She's been too busy working on breaking dawn plus she has all these tours to go to!!

Im thinking sometime next year.
no it isnt out yet.

dont know when it will be out- but im counting the days till breaking dawn!!!!

ans carly is thinking about Breaking dawn.
no. the 4th Twilight book (breaking dawn) comes out in August and Midnight Sun will come out shortly after that.
The midnight sun peeks through August!
No, but I have a copy of the first chapter of it - it came with The Host
No, not yet. I think it comes out in August.
I don't think so. No.
nope not yet i am desperately waiting ...

breaking dawn comes out in a few months though
not yet
no. it comes out august

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