Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Help!!! barns and nobles!?

ok look theres is this book i want but the barns and noble i go to doesnt have it i dont know what to do. do i call themand ask or go online i dont know some one tell me!!!Help!!! barns and nobles!?
You can buy it online %26amp; have it mailed to you
if you've gone and they don't have it you can always ask them if they have any more or if/when they'll be getting more in stock. If that doesn't help then go directly to the website, they usually have good and cheaper books there.Help!!! barns and nobles!?
you can get it online or call your local store with the title, author and isbn number(if you have it) and ask them to order it for youHelp!!! barns and nobles!?
Buy it online. Or ask the folks at Barnes %26amp; Noble if they can order it for you- they usually can.

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