Friday, January 27, 2012

Is it okay study at barns&nobles bookstore?

I've already ordered my school textbook on online, but it hasn't been arrived, yet.

But, I need it to do homework..

I am trying to go to Barns%26amp;nobles bookstore where is located near LA on these weekends..

There are some chairs and desks at the bookstore..

is it okay to use the textbook and study for 2-3 hrs without buying? Does employee complain it if I do it?Is it okay study at barns%26amp;nobles bookstore?
I see people pull books off the shelves and read them all the time. Just be careful as you haven't purchased the book, and please have enough common courtesy to purchase the book if you spill anything on it.
why don't you call and ask them?

or call the library and ask them if they have one?Is it okay study at barns%26amp;nobles bookstore?
No, it is a great place to study. Also I watch all the hott *** college chicks coming in there to get coffee, it motivates me to study HARDER!Is it okay study at barns%26amp;nobles bookstore?
No one will complain.

In fact, B%26amp;N likes it when people go there "just" to read because chances are that they will buy SOMETHING. Wether it be a drink, snack or a book.

Go there, check out the hot/educated people and read on!
i highly doubt that anyone would ever say anything to you.

i think more than anything, they want to create an environment where people feel welcome, then hope that you'll make your future purposes there.

but it would be more appropriate to buy something. those chairs and tables aren't free...get a drink from the coffee shop.
nope, they don't complain at all, just make sure you take care of the book and don't write on it and stuff. people do it here in ny all the time and they don't care, it just makes their store seem more "important" i say go for it!
My Mom and I used to do that at Chapters all the time before they got rid of the comfy chairs.

I'd do it. They're taking too long with the shipping so you're entitled to one of the books, in the store or in the truck. :P

Technically, you've paid!
Sure you can do that if you want to. Why wait until your book arrives, you can get so much more done this way.
I DO hope the textbook you are waiting for is a book about English GRAMMAR!!! If not, I know there are grammar books among the Bargain Books for only $6.... GET ONE!

Does your school library contain copies of the textbook you are waiting for? If so, see if you can use it there... most times they will have copies in their "Reference" section... that are not checked out, but can be used on premises.

Otherwise, if you ask a clerk at the B%26amp;N if you can use the book to study with "in store," and then buy a cappicino to sip while doing so, I'm sure they will likely allow it. Next time be sure to order your textbooks earlier or have them sent "FAST" delivery!

Have a great day!
Also, they have textbooks at the college library , but they wont't let you them home. .

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