Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Barns & Noble interview?

I am going to an interview tomorrow at Barne's %26amp; Noble. This would be my first job interview ever, and I am wondering what to expect from one? Will I really be interrogated? Plus what would be appropriate clothing to wear? I have most of my friends saying "casual; plain shirt/jeans" while another saying "dress shirt/pans; just not too fancy". Any tips would be appreciated, thanks!Barns %26amp; Noble interview?
For the answers to what happens at a job interview, what to wear, how to make a good impression, etc. - just watch this how-to video snippet located at:

http://www.videojug.com/search?keywords=鈥?/a>Barns %26amp; Noble interview?
well you don't have to wear a suit, but you can wear some nice dress pants and a dressy shirt..it will show the employer that you carry yourself well..who cares if it is just a bookstore, if you present yourself in a good manner, then that might make them think highly of you. I would expect them to ask you question like what times are you available, holidays and weekends...sometimes they ask you why you want to work in a bookstore...they may ask what you would do if you had a problem with a customer or couldn't answer one of their questions...they could ask you why you think you would be an assest to theit company, meaning what could you bring to the job that another applicant couldnt...and then they might ask you some fun questions like what do you do with free time, what is your favorite book...I would tell you to be prepared for anything and if you know how to carry a good and educated conversation you will be fine. I wish you luck and hope you get the job! don't worry it will be fine, and if this doesn't work out there is always another door that opens when one gets closed. Best wishes!Barns %26amp; Noble interview?
A nice white blouse and Bra.,with no push up.s

No clevage. A nice over the knee skirt,and hose.

Shues with small heals.

Jewelry,should be a small neckless,shool ring.and a ring on boath hands..

When you set,cross your legg,and gently push your skirt hem down to make sure it's proper.

relax ands fold your hands on your lap.

When he ask for your paper work.hand it to him.If

he all ready has it, smile when you answere his

questions.Don't try and convince him/her.

After the interview stand upand shake his/her hand and say ( thank you for the interview.and i would injoy working for Barnes %26amp; noble.)

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