Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What is the best,at barns and noble?

what is the best teen book at barns and noble,it can have sex and cusing in itWhat is the best,at barns and noble?
Pretty Little Dirty- ultimate teen story with drugs, sex, and friendship

Rebecca-its a mystery/love story

House of Spirits-disturbing, spirits yadayada

Twilight-ultimate forbidden teen love thing

The Golden Compass series- yeah it gets way better after the first one

Goosegirl- coolest princess story i've read

hope i helped
I think twilight is a great book to read. But if you want to read a great risque series for girls, try the it girl series.What is the best,at barns and noble?
well if you want a standard teen book- sex drugs and all- i'd try the clique or gossip girl.

but if you want a story with substance, that teens will still LOVE, i'd go for anything by nicholas sparks, jodi picoult, or meg cabot.

What is the best,at barns and noble?
um, hard to choose, i've read most of them. i'd say Eragon, it's amazing, and boy meets boy. awesome as well.

or Tithe. or Impulse.
Well twilight doesnt have sex or cusing, in the twilight saga (series) there are a few things, but not much, i really do recomend twilight its amazing, also try pretty little liars its very good. :)

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