Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Question about the Breaking Dawn party at Barns&Noble.?

I loved reading the Twilight series and can't wait untill Breaking Dawn comes out.The only problem I have is that I'm probably a little bit younger then a large percentage of the people going.Should I still go or should I wait to get the book?Question about the Breaking Dawn party at Barns%26amp;Noble.?
Most B%26amp;N "Breaking Dawn" parties are going to begin at 10:00 p.m., and they cannot sell the book until midnight. Therefore, if you're underage, you'll need to have an adult with you in order to avoid breaking your town's child curfew law.
how old r u? ir ur like between 10-13 you should go with an adult definitely!!!! or just wait :)Question about the Breaking Dawn party at Barns%26amp;Noble.?
GO!!! listen, you will only have this chance once. BD only gets released at midnight for the first time on aug.2 ... I don't think you age would really matter..A good book is a good book, good readers read good books!Question about the Breaking Dawn party at Barns%26amp;Noble.?
You should definitly go! Age is only but a number. Fans of Twilight are all different ages. Some 10, some 14, some 18 and some even older! So go! Just make sure your with an adult. =]
just go....i'm going! but dont worry about other people..unless your like 4"9, i don't think that people will notice your age much.... :]

c u there!

it doesnt matter..

if you are too young.. like 10-14 go with an adult

if 15 to w.e. age you will be fine. cause everyone loves the book

and no one will really judge you by your age...

everyone is there cause they love the book

and like the person above said..

it only comes out once.. it will be the only time.

so go!! have fun!!!


hope i helped!
the release is for people that love twilight saga if u like/love it go enjoy ur self. GO HAVE FUN

Don't worry about it. Just go and have fun. Bring friends, and possibly a parent. There is quite a bit more variety to the fanbase than most people think, so you will probably not be alone.

My friends and I are "young adults" and we're planning on going with our moms. The Twilight community is full of people all ages, so I wouldn't worry about the age groups there. To make if fun though, take some close Twilighters with you, so you're not one of the fewer young ones.

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